Seashine // The future zen mode

Image of one of the upcoming zen jellyfish.

Years of private messages, feedback and reviews made me realize how important Seashine is for so many of you to fight anxiety, panic attacks, or depression. This has been one of the major motivations for me to keep working on Seashine despite the dark times I’ve been through and the hard things I’m still facing because of my muscular dystrophy.

However, some players ask for more regarding this aspect of the game. One of the oldest requested features for Seashine is the possibility to explore the depths without a fading light forcing you to keep moving, a zen mode.

I had mixed feelings about such a game mode.… Continue reading

Why the silence and what’s next?

Early on in my game creator career, I decided not to reveal much of my private life.
But because of the long silence in the development of Seashine’s big update I have to explain a little bit who I am and what happened / what is still happening to me.

Screenshot of a code snippet

2020 has been a very bad year for so many of us.
COVID-19 wasn’t the main cause of all the mental and physical suffering I struggled with this year, it was a secondary issue.

My year started with a coronavirus unrelated tragedy which, a few weeks later, was followed with me, pale and trembling, in the emergency services of my local hospital, hoping someone would come to tell me that my wife, despite her severe blood loss, was not going to die.… Continue reading

Seashine // The Parasitic update

If you think surviving in the abyss as a jellyfish is easy then rejoice, a new kind of annoying organism has arrived.

Let me introduce you to the first parasitic creature in Seashine, the parakuka.

It will stick to you if you get too close. Once it is attached to your body it will slow you down, feed on your light and thus you’ll run out of light faster.

Jellyfish with parasites attached to it

Of course, there are easy ways to get rid of this parasite. First, you can simply touch crystals. It will shock the parasites and they will fall and stay without moving for a few seconds.
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Seashine // Jellyfish update

Many of you asked me to add other jellies to the game… and it is finally time for me to reveal some new jellies to play as.

With this comes a new window, the jellyfish window, allowing you to unlock these new playable characters.

These new jellies are not a simple skin change. I’m also introducing stats for jellies based on 5 shared factors. Unique characteristics will come in a later update.

Rimakopi jellyfish chased by an anglerfish

Download the latest update on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and enjoy the abyss a bit differently !