Seashine // Jellyfish update

Many of you asked me to add other jellies to the game… and it is finally time for me to reveal some new jellies to play as.

With this comes a new window, the jellyfish window, allowing you to unlock these new playable characters.

These new jellies are not a simple skin change. I’m also introducing stats for jellies based on 5 shared factors. Unique characteristics will come in a later update.

Rimakopi jellyfish chased by an anglerfish

Download the latest update on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and enjoy the abyss a bit differently !



    1. Depends! I can only add requested lifeforms to my to-do list if they can be found below 1000m deep and if they are not too complex. Usually, a jellyfish with too many arms and tentacles is a no go for now. I need to create a new set of shaders at some point to support this kind of jellies but it’s not a priority. 😉

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