Seashine // Talking Tiki update

Seashine’s monthly update is out on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

What’s on the menu this month? New creatures to discover of course. But also a new and improved tutorial with talking tiki statues.From now on, you will also find these talking tikis outside of the tutorial. They will give you additional hints to be the smartest jellyfish in the world.

Seashine tiki statues

The next update (to be released on October 13, 2016) should introduce a new creature unlocking system based on finding and reassembling broken stones.


    1. Hi. Yes, the green stones are in the game but they are hard to find. You have to solve puzzles to find them. Did you ever see a shipwreck? There’s a small cave leading to a Kohatora under the boat. You have to make the boat slide on the right side with boulders.

  1. Hello! i was wondering if the game is still in process of updates, because it is a wonderful game but us players eventually will run out of content to explore, all Totems found, all organisms discovered, and that things…
    I’ve been reading some fandom and there are some interesing ideas there, is there going to be any future updates?

    1. Hi. I’m still working on the game’s big update yes. Sorry, it’s taking me a long time to finish it as Seashine is not my only project and family events are slowing me down. I’d like to release the update this year so I’m working hard on it when I have time.
      Thanks for your patience!

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